In the early morning hours of February 10th, 2021, a Dad of Castle Rock member reached out to Robert Zearing for help because his wife’s cousin, a mother of five children, was fleeing from a dangerous situation and would be arriving in Castle Rock in several days with nothing but her car and her kids.

The Dads of Castle Rock member and his wife were able to find a house for her and her kids and cover a couple months’ rent.

It only took one call to action post from Robert Zearing for the dads and the Castle Rock community to rally to help this mother. The Dads of Castle Rock Community Outreach messenger and Robert’s initial post were flooded with people wanting to donate or assist.

Within 24 hours, they were able to completely furnish the house, provide clothes, cooking and eating utensils, toys, and a laptop for job searching and schooling. The Dads of Castle Rock and the Castle Rock community were also able to raise over $1,200 for groceries.  

The compassion and quick acting from the community provided fresh start for this mother in need.  When she opens her door for the first time to see what the Castle Rock community did for her and her kids in such a short period of time will be great reminder for her to know who our community is and what we represent.

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