The Dads of Castle Rock Community Outreach (DoCR) non-profit has once again demonstrated their unwavering commitment to supporting the local community by sending a remarkable donation of $20,278.94 to the Douglas County school district. This generous contribution aims to alleviate the lunch debt burden faced by students in Castle Rock and ensure that every child has access to nutritious meals without financial hardship.

At the beginning of July, the lunch debt for Castle Rock students stood just under $31,000. Recognizing the importance of addressing this pressing issue, DoCR took immediate action by pledging a substantial payment that covers approximately 66% of the total outstanding balance. The donation will be evenly distributed amongst all Castle Rock students who currently carry a negative balance for their lunch accounts.

All students in Colorado will have the opportunity to be offered free lunch at school in the upcoming school year after Colorado voters favored the Healthy School Meals for All ballot measure but those with outstanding balances will still feel the stress of last year’s outstanding balances.

This act of compassion and generosity is set to significantly impact the lives of numerous students and their families in the Castle Rock community. By covering approximately two-thirds of each student’s outstanding lunch debt, DoCR’s donation will ease the financial strain on families, providing a fresh start to the academic year without the burden of unpaid lunch balances.

“We believe that no child should ever go hungry or face financial stress in accessing a meal at school,” said Johnray Strickland, a representative of the Dads of Castle Rock organization. “Our mission has always been to support and uplift our community, and we hope that this donation will make a positive difference in the lives of Castle Rock students and their families.”


The Dads of Castle Rock have been actively involved in various philanthropic efforts in the region, advocating for children’s welfare, education, and community development. Their ongoing commitment to the betterment of Castle Rock exemplifies the spirit of unity and compassion that defines the organization.

The DoCR encourages other community members, businesses, and organizations to join them in their mission to ensure that every student can enjoy the benefits of a nutritious lunch, free from the stress of financial constraints.

If you want to support DoCR please donate so we can continue our core mission of making a community we’re proud to be in.

About Dads of Castle Rock (DoCR): Dads of Castle Rock (DoCR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the local community through various philanthropic endeavors. Comprising enthusiastic and caring fathers, DoCR aims to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families in Castle Rock.

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