Joe Houghes

Executive --Chief Technology Officer, Grants Committee Co-Chair

Howdy Y'all, I'm Joe. I'm originally a Texas native, but I got here as quickly as I could. I'm a father, husband, veteran, geek, and serial collector of communities. I got heavily involved in volunteer & community efforts since high school, as I was a part of multiple groups that did service days in the local community. I saw the impact we could have when a large group gave up a little time to work together, and I have been hooked on volunteering ever since then. After a few years in the USAF, I got into IT and have been a technology professional for 20+ years. I have been active in many technology and evangelist communities, both on a professional and personal level. I am heavily invested in these communities to connect people, help them to gain new skills in technology and professional development, and encourage others to give some of their time to the community and see the benefits in their careers through the connections we gain. I learned early on in my life and career about the value of having peers that I can work with and count on, no matter what happens, and I have my life and career have been made better due to the efforts of a few people that cared to make a personal connection and give up some time. I remember the kindness and generosity shown to me, and I do my best to pay that out into the world to help others. That's a big part of what drew me into DoCR and has me throwing so much effort into this group. When did you first move to Castle Rock and what do you like about the town the most? Moved to Castle Rock in May 2021, and we liked the open space aspect of Castle Rock and having everything we needed close by. Looking into DoCR before we moved also made me consider it more. What is your favorite hobby? My hobby is being a social geek chatting with others. Other than that, I can be found playing around with technology and volunteering in different areas. Are you a sports fan? If so, what is your favorite team? Mercedes (F1) What is an interesting fact about you? My family has been ranching in South Texas for 150 years, so I caught some grief with moving from Texas to Colorado. Did you go to a college or university? If so, where?
I went to the US Air Force Academy for a year before deciding to return to my enlistment. Still, I eventually finished a degree at St. Edward's University in Austin, TX.
What does DoCR mean to you?
To me, DoCR as a group means serving our community and being willing to support others in need, literally as the Dads that anyone can count on when they need it. Now, the needs we support could just be another dad needing a favor or a conversation. It might also be our group being a positive presence in the town to host meaningful events like our Life Skills Workshops, and fun events like the Trunk-or-Treat, all around trying to bring the community together. Unfortunately, it sometimes means pulling all available resources to provide a massive and rapid response to tragedies in our area as a group of Dads and community members that want to show up for others. Many of our members are drawn to the ability to have a significantly bigger impact together than alone, and we can be a helping hand to others when it is genuinely needed. Any of us can see ourselves needing help someday, and we would hate to have no one there to respond, so we are here to provide whatever we can to others. After hearing about DoCR when moving to Castle Rock, I attended my first event in the first two months of living here. I was amazed to see the size of the crowd of local Dads and families in attendance and having fun at the barbecue. After hearing stories of the work within the community and the camaraderie between the local Dads, I wanted to be a part of this group. That is a massive part of DoCR - it's a community of Dads that we want to be a part of, who have each other's backs, and also give back to the larger local community. I have not been a part of a community effort that can have such an impact on people in a real and meaningful way, and especially not one that has come so far in this amount of time through only dedication and grassroots effort. That makes me genuinely love DoCR.