Brad Langerak

Board of Directors - Vice President

Christian, husband, father, Aspiring Philanthropist and entrepreneur.  I’ve lived in Castle Rock since 2011. Originally from Michigan, I moved to Colorado in 2004.  I have 1 son and 2 stepdaughters.  My wife Traci is a teacher here in town.  I first joined DoCR as a way to network and make new friends here in town.  Having a sense of community is very important to me.  When conversations about starting an outreach began, I knew I was with the right group and wanted to be part of it. DoCR is a group of amazing men with huge hearts and aspirations to do good for our community. What is your favorite hobby? Home Remodel What is an interesting fact about you? Born/raised in Grand Rapids, Mi What does DoCR mean to you? Community and brotherhood