Ashton Brooks

Board of Directors - Treasurer

Ashton grew up in Parker, Colorado, and graduated from Chaparral High School. He runs a mortgage team in DTC and has a wife and two little girls. His passions are anything outdoors, and fast cars. He enjoys building trucks in his free time, whether that be trucks to race, or trucks to restore. Ashton moved here in 2016. Being that I'm in mortgages, I felt that Castle Rock had a lot of growth potential and was a great investment. Aside from that, it was much busier than Parker, and the town was more interested in growth. I couldn't stand how quiet and stagnant Parker wanted to remain. What is your favorite hobby? Gapping supercars in a four-door Ford F150 Are you a sports fan? If so, what is your favorite team? Well, my house only breeds winners. So we're Green Bay Packers fans, naturally. And I'll root for the Rockies again when the team gets sold. So for now, go Rangers! What is an interesting fact about you? I was the youngest person to ever be licensed to originate mortgages at 18 years old. I was the first in the country. Did you go to a college or university? If so, where? Metropolitan State University of Denver for three years. College for me was not worth it. It's not for everyone. Wish more would realize and be okay with that. What does DoCR mean to you? I have their backs, yes. To the end of the Earth.... But if anything ever happened to me, I sleep better knowing the men in this group would never let anything happen to my girls. And there's nothing that I can put into words to describe the peace that brings me.