Adam DeGroff

Executive - Chief Merchandise Officer

We moved to Castle Rock in 2010. My wife and I grew up in small-town SD and MN. We love that Castle Rock still feels like a small town even though it's not that small anymore. Favorite Hobby? Hunting. More specifically upland bird hunting but really anything that gets me outside and away from everything. Are you a sports fan? If so, what is your favorite team? Yes, Minnesota Vikings and Twins. What is an interesting fact about you? I once took an Uber, in full camo, with a shotgun and a turkey. Did you go to a college or university? If so, where? South Dakota State University & University of Maryland What does DoCR mean to you?
I love the camaraderie in DoCR; having guys that have been where you're at, and knowing they have your back. DoCR facilitates opportunities to help out fellow Dads, make our community a better place to raise our kids by giving back to our community and be an example for our kids.