Johnray Strickland

Executive - Chief Marketing Officer

Howdy, I'm Johnray, (yes, that's two first names squished together to make one). I'm a father of three, two boys and my baby girl, with a long background in marketing. Outside of my professional life, I enjoy woodworking and taking out my 5th wheel for some RVing across the country. I went to the University of Northern Colorado and graduated in 2007 with a major in Journalism. Bounced around the country a bit as I fell in love with my now wife and was hunting for a well-paying job where I could afford the ring/wedding. Currently in a love/hate relationship with the Broncos. An interesting fact about me, I've been around the world for work, coordinating tradeshows in Brazil, Singapore and Bejing. DoCR to me means authentic community, family, and brotherhood. There is nothing out there that can drive resources to help with ANY problem. It takes a village and DoCR is the village.